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Features for a pleasant reading

Readerrr is minimalistic, but it has some extremely useful features that make reading enjoyable.

  • Always fresh content

    Always fresh content

    Readerrr continuously scans feed channels for new posts and serves fresh content instantly. Stay with the latest news!

  • Fullscreen mode

    Fullscreen mode

    Fullscreen mode provides the best possible reading experience by leaving the least necessary user interface details behind. Win!

  • Real-time notifications

    Real-time notifications

    Readerrr takes advantage of your browser’s alert or notification system. Leave Readerrr opened in your browser and you will be notified when there is new content to read. Learn more about real-time notifications

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts make controling user interface easier. With a single button press you can skip to next or previous post, switch to another subscription, enter fullscreen mode, etc. See all keyboard shortcuts

  • Unlimited subscriptions

    Unlimited subscriptions

    Subscribe to as many feeds as you need. There are no limits. There will never be. Simple.

  • No ads

    No ads

    Readerrr does not have any ad positions. It will never have. Ever. Readerrr will always strive to be the best place to read RSS feeds.

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Free for 14 days, only $18 for a year.

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